Morgannwg Caving Club runs with a minimum of paperwork and bureaucracy, but the introduction of GDPR (the regulations covering how your data is stored and used) requires that the club (as applies to all UK clubs) publishes a privacy policy related to this website.

GDPR includes the right to have any data stored about you deleted, to be able to modify and correct any inaccurate data, and to be supplied with a copy of any data held. In addition, a cookies policy is required.

We do not directly gather data from your visit to this website (we do not use Google Analytics or similar means of gathering amalgamated, non-specific data), or require any registration. Personal data gathered is limited to the content of any e-mail you send to us using our address on the home page; typically, such e-mails are retained for a period and then routinely deleted when no longer relevant to the club's records. Access logs may be maintained by the ISP (Ionos, with its servers typically located in Germany and the UK) and may contain personal data such as IP addresses for security purposes such as protecting the website from malicious traffic, and debugging website faults. We do not set cookies from this site.

This privacy policy was last updated on 6 January 2024. If you return to this website please check this policy for any changes.